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Bladder Infection?

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Daisy has wet on the rug twice in the last hour and when I see her outside she squats and then moves to a new spot and squats again with maybe only a few drops of urine coming out so the first thing that came to mind was bladder infection. Looks like I will be taking her in tomorrow but I was just wondering if these are classic symptoms, kind of like in women. Thank You.
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It sure sounds like a bladder infection. Poor Daisy, she must feel uncomfortable. When Maggie had her bladder infection she improved quickly after she got on the antibiotic.
That sounds like what Traveler does when he has bladder infections. He also responds quickly to antibiotics.
Aww, I hope Daisy feels better soon. Belly rubs to her.
Looking forward to hearing an update re Daisy -- what you described certainly sounds like a UTI.
Thanks everyone. I take her in at 3. I only got maybe 1/2 tsp. of urine so I hope that is enough for a sample.
I don't know if I missed something. Did it turn out to be a bladder infection?
Sorry I forgot I had posted this
but yes she is doing better, today is her last day of meds. I could not get enough of a sample so he just went off what I was describing and since she is better I guess that's what it was. Thanks everyone
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I am glad she is doing better!
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