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Bitter Apple?

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I read a post that mentioned Bitter Apple Spray. It sounds like a deterrent, but just to be sure....exactly what is it and if it is a deterrent, where can I get it and can I spray it on my feet and/or the cat?? (just two very important things that have to be protected from getting shredded)
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Many pet stores carry it, or you can order it from Omahavet.com
! The product works great & will even deter deer from eating
your vegetables from your garden!
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I don't know if I'd put it on the cat. The cat bathes itself and would probably not appreciate the taste, right? I sprayed it on several things in my house, though, like the pedals to my exercise bike (after they chewed off one of the rubber straps), a loose baseboard, cords (just in case).
I still have to spray the corner of my china hutch (though why I bother at this point is beyond me, he already ruined it). It works very well, but, like Eve said, I don't think I'd put it on the cat. Try a spray bottle to deter Winston when he tries to chew on your kitty. Just be sure kitty doesn't get punished along with him.
Well, I don't think I would really put it on the cat, but if I can put it my feet or the bottom of my pant leg....I might actually be able to make dinner without feeling like I am dinner. Winston will just have to learn that the cat will probably never want to play with him, but it would be nice to be able to give the cat some peace.
I can hardly wait to get to a Petsmart.
Originally Posted By: Winston's Mombut if I can put it my feet or the bottom of my pant leg....I might actually be able to make dinner without feeling like I am dinner.

Seriously now, I took the active approach with the kitchen issue. Teach Winston to sit/down and stay. Put him in that position while you're cooking/whatever....

It will take time, as you need to start with 30 sec. and move up to 15-20 minutes... or even longer, though Beagles have a serious problem with staying focused for a long time. You can also give him a stuffed kong to keep him occupied while your keeping yourself busy with other things.
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Ummmm...teaching Winston is a whole other thread. I wanted to take him to obedience or manners school but the only place nearby won't take him until he's 6 months. That's just to teach him to sit/stay and lie down. (Shouldn't he know at least that by 6 months) The lady I called was kind of rude too...and I quote a beagle eh? You'll be wasting your time anyway, he can't learn anything
I really want him to learn LOTS before he's 6 months, put him in that class, and teach her a thing or two.

So far he can sit real well, but stay and lie down are way beyond him yet. And I'm as new at this as he is.
I'll take any help I can get!!
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Originally Posted By: Winston's Mom The lady I called was kind of rude too...and I quote a beagle eh? You'll be wasting your time anyway, he can't learn anything

Beagles are not stupid! I hate people who think that. Stubborn? Yup! Totally food motivated? Yup! Not always willing to do something unless there's something in for them? You betcha'! But they are not stupid. They are quite willing to please and like to make their masters happy. At least mine is. OK, done with my rant now.

It's easier than it sounds to teach a sit or down stay. Obedience classes teach us more than they teach the dogs. If you can't get a place to do training until 6 months, invest in a couple of good training books and start on your own. Our PetSmart took dogs as soon as they had all their shots finished. I think we started Jersey somewhere around 11-12 weeks and it was the best $99 I ever spent.
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jen-n-jersey - thanks for your rant, I feel better now too!
Winston learned sit in about 3 seconds and still does it everytime!! Proof positive he can learn! (he learned how to get snacks)

I do have a couple books, but it's obvious Winston hasn't read them. I'll still take any tips, tricks, or sneaky little maneuvers that anyone can offer!!
I echo everything Jen said! Chloe knows a lot, and keeps on learning more things all the time. Beagles copy us in ways you will never imagine possible. Stay on your guard constantly and you'll be amazed.

For tips on different commands, just start a new thread in the discussion board with what you want to start with, and I'm sure we'll all have something to say!
Cobi licks his paws when he is lonely, frustrated or just needs something to play with. It's the ONLY thing we have found that keeps him from licking. I got ours at our groomer's....and am sure it is available on line or at a pet store. Good luck!

Cathy J
Beagles are DEFINITELY not stupid! I started JoJo in puppy kindergarten when she was about 3 months old - we just missed the previous class because it started while I was in NY getting her. We only got to go to 3 classes - tho I did take her to the park every day after work so I could work with her alone. After the 3rd class I got very sick and wound up in the hospital for 2 weeks - so no more puppy classes. It took me a good 6 months to recuperate from the surgery and pancreatitis - and get strong enough to do ANYTHING other than the basics for the dogs. JoJo is 4 years old now - and she DOES remember her lessons that she learned in kindergarten. Stupid? NO! Stuborn? Yes!
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