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Have you ever watched puppies play fight together? They're constantly biting at each other and no one gets injured. If you watch, when one does yelp the others usually back off immediately. What Miggy is doing is perfectly normal.

Also, Miggy is still a puppy and very curious about everything around him, especially you. He's not really biting, it's called "mouthing." Remember, he doesn't have hands and fingers with which to touch, handle and feel things. His mouth is all he has. Of course, he'll go through teething and will want to chew on everything in sight, but that's another issue.

As far as the mouthing, you can break him of it if you wish but I've always let my dogs use their mouths to examine me. They almost always eventually grow out of the mouthing period. I also let them play bite my hands, fingers and arms while play fighting with them, I just set a limit. As soon as they start using too much pressure I say "easy" very sharply. After a while they'll learn how rough is too rough. I've never had one of my dogs bite in anger.

This "easy" command also works with dogs that are too enthusiastic when trying to take a treat from your hand. My border collie had that habit at first, and several times she accidentally nipped my finger while grabbing at a biscuit or a bit of people food. I started holding the food out where she could see it, then saying "go easy" as a reminder, then I'd lower my hand to where she could reach it. She'd always take the food from my hand very gently.

As for the growling when you try to discipline him, it sounds like you've got an alpha on your hands. That you do need to deal with. You need to convince him that YOU are the alpha dog in his pack. One of the best ways to do this is whenever he growls at you (not when playing) get him on his back on the floor and hold him in that position until he stops struggling. Do this each time and he'll soon learn who the real boss is.

This is also a good way to determine a puppy's personality when you trying to decide which one to adopt. Just put the puppy on his/her back and hold it there. A puppy that submits without fuss will generally be easy to train and will see you as the leader of the pack. A pup that struggles to get up will need more work and a firmer hand.

I can't recommend staring down any animal. To them it's a challenge. Better to imitate the mother or other alpha by putting them on their backs.
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