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Biting and nibbling on people is often a sign that puppy was taken away from Mom to early. Sometimes during the 7 to 10 weeks, Mom starts disciplining puppy. It is during that time that Mom teaches puppy not to bite her. Puppies taken too early from Mom by the breeder or sold prior to 12 weeks often don't make the difference between what play is acceptable with a figure of authority and what is acceptable with other dogs. The lesson is thus left to the owner who, unfortunately, can never do it as easily as Mom would have. On occasion, a pup a little bit more stubborn, will try it over a figure of authority eventhough Mom as done her job.

Dogs hate beeing ignored. So one of the best way to stop this is the "Game over" technic. As soon as puppy start biting, put your hand behind your back, saying "No", turn around without a word and live the room. Ignore your dog for 5 to 10 minutes depending how stubborn he is. Soon, your dog will learn that biting = no more contact.
If he bites also while you are petting him, the correction is the same.
It can take a couple of weeks for the dog to stop totally but he will. After a few days to a week, you will notice that he no longer bites and then he will start again. Do not discourage. He only does that because he is testing to make sure there is a link between the biting and the no more game. So simply continue with the same technic and this will reinforced the idea that yes, he was right in his deduction.

One more word: The technic has to be followed by all members of the family, including children. Beagles are smart enough that they could understand that it is a no with Mom or Dad but it is OK with everyone else.

Good luck and let us know how it goes.
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