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Today Mugsy is 9 weeks old. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif He has been a lot of work, but it is definately worth it. However, Nick and I would love to know if anyone could offer us some advice on biting. He has started to bite us quite a bit. We have tried to cry out when he does it, like his brothers and sisters would have done, but that very rarely works. We give him bones and other things to chew on, but a lot of the time he ignores them and goes right back to us. Is this something he will grow out of? How can we break him of it? The breeder told us to tap him on the nose with two fingers, but that isn't working, and I don't want to start hitting him. She also showed us a submissive hold, but once he is calm and we let him back up, he starts in again. Nick's friend at work said to pull down on his bottom jaw so they will let go, but it looks like that could hurt him. It also doesn't work when he gets tiny bits of skin (like the skin on my wrist...where he really got me today).

I don't want him to grow up to be a biter. Will he grow out of it? Is there some sort of technique I can use to make him stop it?

Angi (who is going to bed...sad she hasn't had time for BW, but loving the time spent with her furbaby)
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