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Bitey Bad habit

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Bitey Bad habit

Winston's been a bitey, nippy puppy since day one. I have been adamant about NO BITE since day one as well, but he continues to the point that it is hard to enjoy him sometimes. His mouth is always open ready to chomp.
He even jumps up on me to bite. Sometimes he nips a teeny weeny nip that hurts like H*LL.
I'll take any and all suggestions PLEASE!
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Re: Bitey Bad habit

Zelda still bites, but not as much. She still isn't a year old yet, so I'm hoping she'll still grow out of it.

There's been countless times where she makes me bleed and I start making crying noises that sounds like a dogs cry and something flips in her head, she has to lick my face endlessly... but 5 minutes later she wants to bite again. If you take something away from her, she bites you.

We've tried the give them a toy instead tactic, but Zelda can chew through black kongs, so we don't really have many toys for her that she enjoys.

Maybe you need to show Winston that he isn't the alpha in the house because that's what he might be thinking. Hold his jaw shut with your hand and hold the rest of him down as well. Keep it there for a minute and slowly let go.. if it seems like he wants to bite right away, go right back to holding him down.

We also hold Zelda's mouth shut, and slap our hand. It almost seems like we're hitting her but we're obviously not, and suddeness of it shocks her out of her biting crazyness.
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