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Bitey Bad habit

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Bitey Bad habit

Winston's been a bitey, nippy puppy since day one. I have been adamant about NO BITE since day one as well, but he continues to the point that it is hard to enjoy him sometimes. His mouth is always open ready to chomp.
He even jumps up on me to bite. Sometimes he nips a teeny weeny nip that hurts like H*LL.
I'll take any and all suggestions PLEASE!
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Re: Bitey Bad habit

What we did from day one is say No Bite, get up and walk away. After a minute or two we'd come back and resume play. If he did it again, we'd go through the same process. As time has gone on the bitting has significantly declined.

It will take time. Sometimes a beagle's excitement over powers them and they don't hear anything during those spastic puppy moments. But if you're consistent, in time you should see an improvement, and isn't that what we're all hoping for anyway.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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