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In my experience, vet’s offices are notorious for mixing up pet’s birth dates. Looking back through the records for every dog I’ve ever had, I’ve seen where “today’s date” (some appointment date) was at some point typed into the birth date blank. Things can be fine for a couple of years, then all of the sudden you have a four-year old dog, that was born in July, instead of a five-year old, born in November. The computers might be in on the conspiracy too. Dates that have no explainable connection to anything at all, will all of the sudden turn up as the poor animals birth date. Or maybe... it’s a private joke between veterinary receptionists, to type in their own birthdays just to be funny. I don’t know, but this identity crisis that they are causing our beloved pets is no laughing matter, and I am NOT sending them birthday cards!

Anyhow… We have a couple old receipts from what I guess was his original vet, and the best that I can figure is that… Wednesday, the 27th, was Sparky’s second birthday.
I know… I’m two days late… See, I thought it was today, but I read the paper wrong. I was looking at an “appointment date” on the 29th. Not the birth date. ARRRRRGGGGG!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SPARKY! (When ever it really is.)

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