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Snickers is 13 today!

He got a new collar and 2 stuffies.

He managed to kill (read destuff) the first one in under 3 mins. Then I had to take the squeeker he was trying to chew. He didn't destroy the 2nd one. I think he's holding off on that one til tomorrow.

Grandma brought him (and Connor of course) a big doggy lollipop (Peanut butter and bananas mushed and frozen with a rawhide stick). That they ate OUTSIDE.

We went for a long sniff(walk) this afternoon.

And of course as always, he got his Cheeseburger Happy meal Plain and fries no salt!

Belly up to the bar... Boopity Butt.

I love you Nicker Pooh
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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