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Big day tomorrow!

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Tomorrow is Henry's 2nd birthday/1 year adoption anniversary! Yay! My little boy's grown up so fast, but I still remember the first day I saw him. Surrendered for the second time by just one year old, he was sitting so still and yet wagging his tail so earnestly he was quivering. All the other dogs around him were jumping and barking, but not Henry. He sat still as a statue and made my heart melt with his fervent Please pick me look. As soon as I walked up to the gate of his kennel he exploded into happy wiggles, but calmed down when he was able to lick my fingers. I knew at that moment I didn't have to look at any other dogs, that I'd found the boy who was going to be able to heal the heartache in our family after the loss of our beloved spaniels. And he has. Henry is an angel straight from heaven, totally loveable and pretty well behaved. He has never met a stranger (animal or human) and willingly lets toddlers take his leash and walks right beside them. I love Henry! Thanks for letting me rave!
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Few things beat getting a new puppy!!! But celebrating the birth
day of one that is well into their seniour years is even more
special! (There are soo many memories of times spent at home &
in the field) that it is hard to avoid a tearfull eye! Goober
has been the most successful one to date! He taught a mixbreed
hound like Homer to act like a beag, but Homer is not a beagle
& never will be! But I hope that he will make for a great
mentor when I have to get a beag to replace Goober after his demise! Viva Goober...but he cannot live forever!
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