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Betcha Can't Catch Me!

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I'm working on a behavior issue with Murphy and I'd like some suggestions and/or insights. He's currently closing in on 7 months old.

On occasion he turns come into a game of catch me if you can.

For example, we usually go for a walk at lunch. He absolutely loves to go for a walk. But, about 10 minutes before our walk I'll get his harness out to put it on him. This turns into the catch me if you can game. I growl. I beg. I offer treats. I shed tears. I sit on the floor and try to coax him into my lap. Nothing seems to work until he decides the game is over.

It may simply be a puppy thing-it's been 20 years or so since we last had a puppy. He may grow out of it.

It may simply be a beagle thing. He's the highest-energy dog we've ever had.

Or I may be doing something wrong with training. If so, I welcome any comments, tricks or ideas.

Murphy and me thank you!
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Since he really wants to go for a walk it's up to him to behave first or no walk. If he misbehaves you hang the leash and harness up and walk away. Ignore him for 5-10 minutes and then try it again.

We do the same thing with Bodie. But we're even more demanding. He has to not only come, he has to sit patiently before we put his collar and leash on. If he gets up, we hang everything back up and wait for him to sit and wait again.

It's not that he's being bad by doing this. He is simply too excited. But if we wait it out he'll settle down and we'll get him into the correct state of mind before we leave.

Trust me, you have all the leverage here. You just need to be patient and wait for him to come and sit before he gets to go. I would NEVER chase him around, just ignore him if he does that.
Brien gave great info. Don't play the game by offering treats, chasing, etc. You are reinforcing his behavior. Could you break the routine and pick him up when he least expects it and THEN get the harness? If you do the same thing every day he knows what is coming and is ready to play. I think he will grow out of it as he ages. Hang in there!
Thanks for the advice. I've been using Brien's suggestion and today, when I told Murphy it was time for a walk he went to the door, sat down and let me put his harness on him.

Again, both Murphy and me thank you!
hopefully he will grow out of it
all I have to do is jingel Georgia's harness & she comes trotting over & will even put her own paw through the harness so that I can hook it up
hooking the leash on tho is a different story for some reason she gets very scard but she is getting better about it & will now sometimes turn around to help me to hook it on
Yep, we do what Brien does.
JoJo is awful about playing chase and she's 15 months old. She knows she's going for a walk, but will do everything she can to avoid getting the leash on. It drives me nuts b/c I think she needs her leash to go for a walk, why wouldn't she want the leash. But I think she's just so hyper that she doesn't want to sit still.

Some days, she'll do it at dinner, too. We make her sit down and stay for a few seconds before she can eat. Some nights she just runs around like it's a game. We just pick the food up and ignore her for 10-15 minutes until she calms down.

Glad it's working for you and Murphy!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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