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Best food?

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Hi guys, I live in the UK and my beagle Barney has just turned a year old.

Have tried a variety of foods as he is a very hyper dog and does not settle.

Can anyone recommend a good food for my beagle to eat that wont send him mad?

Thanks for any advice in advance

Sophie & Barney
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Hi Sophie, I have an 11 month old beagle and I'm also in the UK. Since he was a small puppy I have noticed the energy spikes he gets after eating a meal. We have chopped and changed his food a lot due to his dandruff and chapped paws which seem to clear up on some foods, and are made worse than others. We are also currently feeding James Wellbeloved, with some cooked chicken breast added for a bit of extra meat. The fish variety clears up his dandruff and makes his paws nice, but the lamb and vegetable (no cerials) variety was better for keeping him calm.

However he does still get an energy burst after eating no matter which brand of food we use, even on a bland diet of rice and chicken when he has been poorly. We let his food settle for an hour / hour and a half and then take him out for a 40 to 60 minute walk. He will come home and have a nice kip then! I think these energy ups and downs are just part of young beagles life.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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