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Best food?

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Hi guys, I live in the UK and my beagle Barney has just turned a year old.

Have tried a variety of foods as he is a very hyper dog and does not settle.

Can anyone recommend a good food for my beagle to eat that wont send him mad?

Thanks for any advice in advance

Sophie & Barney
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I live in the UK too,I feed mine James Well beloved (Duck and rice) and nature diet, both are complete foods but mine have a little of each,ND is like a pate,comes in a tray and JWB is a dry complete,mine do well on this and aren't hyper ,Both are good foods with no added salt/flavouring/colours etc..(i get them from my local pet supplier or Pets at home) but different dogs do well on different foods so i guess its trial and error.I also give mine sardines/pilchards twice a week, some raw mince (Frozen prior and defrosted) and the odd bowl of chicken broth here and there with their complete for variety,
I've heard Burns is good also although we haven't tried that,
Hope that helps a bit,
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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