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bernie goes to the ER.

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oh man, what a week. sorry i havent gotten back to you folks. life has been crazy.
ok, bernie went to the ER after he got his shots.
less than 18 hrs after. he was there in the floor shaking like crazy. so off we went at 1AM in the morning. hes was seen by the doc and she put him on meds right away. 3 of them. so we went hope with meds and complete bed rest for my pal. well a day or so went by and bernie could hardly walk. his hind legs were wobbly. so i called his 1st doc and demanded a recheck. so every test you could think of was ran on the boy. everything came back great, but he was still painful.
the doc said bernie just needed bed rest, and that i should take him off the meds for a few days just to see if it helps.( can you say H3LL NO) so a day went by and i again contacted the ER. they suggested i bring him back in. i told them that i had already spent close to a grand on bernie to see what was going on, and i was 100% broke and w/o the first answer. so they suggested i call UGA vet hospitol. its a training school at the university of GA. so i did. i talked to a student who was going after his "after grad" and we talked for about 2 hrs. he suggested several different things i could do in the meantime, to help bernie. so over the last 3 days/nights, the good dock and i have talked. he calls to check on bernie. bernie has went from the could walk, to the now extremely wobbly state. hes eating and drinking like a champ still, which is good sign.
he cat too still go out to read his pee mail and poo downloads. again, a great sign. so i called the UGA center and tried to get an appointment.
they told me in order for bernie to be seen on the cheap, he had to be refered by a vet. so again i called the first ER and they called UGA and set up an appointment with a nirosergen (SP)
(ok you all already know my spelling sucks)
so things were going ok from that point. then UGA called and said i needed to see a doc within 24 hours before i brought bernie in. dear lord!
i told them ive seen enough doc's and bernie needed answers. so the UGA doc asked if they could call me back. i said yes. so its now been 7 days into this mess. i had to lay down. less that 15 hrs sleep in a week is rough on anybody. besides i had been right there on the floor w/bernie every night. bam, i was out. gone. crashed. i woke to the phone ringing. it was a voice from the past. it was dr sewell. bernies first doc, and my dearly departed scoobys doc.
now how did he know what was going down? so he told me to bring bernie in at once. off we went. doc sewell is an amazing guy. he does everything pretty much right there in front of you when he looks the kids over. when you leave sewell's office, your in the know and things are in good hands. so sewell checked bernie over pretty good, listening here, pushing there. you know the deal. lol, i was holding bernies head and his butt was rested up aginst sewell's belly ok. sewell was pushing on bernie's tummy when this god aweful,long lasting blast from bernie's butt came ripping out. it was really loud too. doc said "dang bernie, you needed that one huh". i was rolling. doc said "im honestly afraid to look at my lab coat, i just know bernie just splatter painted me". we were all laughing. well, except bernie. ok where were we?
oh yeah.... so sewell put the call in yesterday morning to UGA. they had to see bernie. i questioned sewell about UGA. i mean a school? was this the best for bernie? sewell told me that some of the best doc's in vet med has came out of that school, and the opperation was done my the best docs. its like that class room thing you see on TV. a little mini stadium type of thing.
ok, so on my way home from doc sewell's office the motor in my truck decided to come apart. theres another $4000.00 on top of the $$ already spent. great. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif
so i get up this morning and go rent a car. oh they took me for a ride too. so now were are finally off to get some answers from some of the best minds in the business.
we arrive at UGA. i left bernie in the car while i went to check in. wow! this place was set up exactly like a peoples ER. exactly. you honestly wouldnt know the difference. they came and got bernie out of the car and rushed him to the back.i waited and prayed for about 45 minutes, then they came and got me. the surgon came in and we had a long talk. theres several things that could be causing bernie to be in this condition. everything from a slipped disk being #1, to cancer being #4. the doc explained to me what it was going to take to narrow this down. he explained everything in terms i could understand.
i asked him to bottom line it for me. i said "ok doc, if ya had to bet the farm on all the possibilities, which would you pick". he said "oh, i would bet it was a herniated disk".
then he went on to say that he just had to narrow it down to that though. so we elected to let bernie stay the night, ok several nights. they want to watch him and get him on a different med or 2, and do a MRI on him.so i kissed beag, and im home now. the MRI is a better choice than the old inject dye and do the x-ray deal. its way more safe, and ya just get better results. i just got a call from the student doc at UGA she said they did some blood work and have found an infection in bernie. not a bad one, but its there. she said it can be expected with this type of injury, but it too could be inflamation causeing his #'s to be a little funny on his blood work. they are going to continue to watch him over the next few days before the MRI. so i guess hes doing ok. she told me that bernie has been a very good dog and has caused not the first problem.so i gotta continue to raise $$ to get bernie his treatment. this is going to be a challenge too. im almost out of ideas. oh, i to had set down on saturday and put bernie on 124 prayer requests forms (web search) around the world. took me 2 evenings, but with using dial-up, thats a huge feat. i left them with $1,500 down payment, which was required.
so theres whats going on at this point. im scared to death for him, but some doc's have told me to just relax. bernie has a 90% chance of coming out of this 100% good as new. i guess those are good odd's. im at my witts end, and out of resorces. i guess everything else is in gods hands.
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Oh my goodness it sounds like you have been to hell and back. Here is prayng that all goes well with the treatment.

First of all, you and Bernie are in my prayers.
Secondly, I'm glad you finally got some rest after the awful awful week you've had....Bernie is in great hands, it sounds like, and now the next thing to do is figure out the finances.

Cat, here on the board was advised of several sites who try to help with emergency funding when her beagle had to undergo back surgery. I remember, because I didn't even know places like that existed.

PM Joe (MURPHY'S DAD) to ask if he knows the website addresses; also PM Cat because I'm sure she has the info....and as soon as others read this, they will give you info too.

Until then, rest assured, you are not alone in your concern and your prayers...... :angel:
OMG Ricksconnected!!!! What an ordeal you and Bernie have been through!

First...a referral to a vet school and subsequent treatment saved my Henry's life. There are alot of good, active minds at work at those places with the latest and up-to-date information and technology. He's in the right place.

Second...Since you've made your downpayment, ask to see a supervisor in the billing department. Request a payment plan. It's a reasonable request.

Third...I'll bet Bernie felt pretty good after loosing some of that gas. Probably from inactivity and maybe the pain med (depending on what he was on). Thank God that Dr. Sewell called you!

You are a good beagle daddy. I will say a special prayer tonight for both you and Bernie.

Get some sleep and keep us posted...we were all worried about Bernie.
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Wow, you've had a tough week. Let's all hope that Bernie comes out of this okay. I'm sure he's in good hands at UGA. We'll keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
I am so glad to hear Bernie is in good hands.

Special thoughts and prayers to you and Bernie!
Now that you've told us what you've been through, we can certainly understand why posting on BW was not a priority. I, too, will add my prayers for Bernie's full recovery. You are definitely a super beagle-daddy -- Bernie is very lucky! Thank goodness Dr. Sewell called you -- you must have been sending out vibes. It sounds like he and the folks at UGA have Bernie's best interests in mind. I think the suggestion to discuss a payment plan with UGA is very reasonable and you really should check out the groups that help with funding. Please keep us updated when you can. We will all be thinking of you and Bernie.
Rick, as we Georgia girls say, "Bless your heart!" I thought I'd had a bad week with my baby, but compared to yours, it was a cakewalk. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif I'll add you and Bernie to my prayer list. Sounds like he's in good hands.

P.S. I sympathize with having to use dial-up. At this point, other than spending a fortune for satellite, that's my only option, and it's the pits!
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Wow Rick, what a week! I'm so sorry to hear about this. I'll say a prayer for the two of you too. Dr. Sewell sounds like a gem of a vet...I'd keep taking Bernie to him after this. It sounds like Bernie's odds are pretty good though. I was getting worried about you and hoping that Bernie wasn't a victim of this pet food recall! Bernie is lucky to have such a caring Daddy! And like other's have said, I'd be checking with the vet school to see about a payment plan. You made a good faith deposit, so it's likely they'd be willing to work with you. It can't hurt to ask. Good luck and God bless you both. Keep us posted on Bernie's condition and give him some extra gentle belly rubs and Beagle kisses from us!
thank you folks for your well wishes and kind words. please pray hard for bernie. only god above can heal him. as far as finance goes, i qualified for the sundown program. its for people like me whom dont make very much $$ and cant get regular credit from anybody. in short, UGA matches me dollar for dollar what money i do have, and all money due when services are rendered. thats the best they can do period. im very greatful for that honestly. i left them $1,500 today, so thats $3,000 total. but they said it all depends on a few things, but i might have to come up with more. all my friends were like "you need to put him to sleep" or " its just a dog", or "hes not worth that". so i guess in short, when times are tough, you really find out who your friends are. they all pretty much shut the door in my face in a trying time of need.
i dont think joe would allow me to say on here what i really now think of all of them. but i can promise you this, they lost a better friend of this than i have. 1, 1 person stuck his neck out for me in a big way. until this, i only talked to this guy twice in my life. we both are into kayak fishing. i met him on a web site, and he and his family live close to me. i sent him an e-mail and told him my situation and asked him if he wanted to buy my kayak and gear. he told me "not really but i can help". he stroked me a check for the $1,500 that i left today. no questions asked.
people, hes a freakin stranger by all accounts. yet he sticked his neck out on the line for me and bernie. i dont know what you call it, but thats amazing. thats someone really wanting to be a friend to us.
the good book says to be kind to strangers cause you never know when you keep the company of an angel. lol i guess so. he just sent me a PM one day about 2 months ago cause he seen me on a web site geared towards kayak fishing. he noticed that we lived close, and wanted to know where he could go fishing too. jeff is just amazing to me from all of this. if it werent for him to this point, bernie would be hopeless. i guess it all stems from the prayer requests i sent out.
im not out of the woods financially yet though.
but all bernie and i can do is pray. so please please please, if your the praying type, do so for us, we need it.
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Your friend, Jeff, is yours and Bernie's angel here on Earth.

Honestly, if I was financially able, and had money to give away, it would go to people like you and Bernie. As it is, at the end of the year, when we do add up charitable contributions, it is mostly animal related...then the church collection and Christian Childrens Fund (we sponsor two).

Thand God for you as well as Jeff...I'm glad that Bernie has you on his side.
Rick, what a week you and Bernie have had!! Sounds like God certainly sent you and Bernie an angel in the form of your new friend Jeff. Bless him. And you for being so committed to taking care of Bernie. Sounds like you got him where he needs to be to find out what's wrong with him. I'm sure they'll take good care of him at UGA. You both remain in my prayers!
Prayers to you and Bernie. No one knows how much a little soul like Bernie means to someone. NO amount of money would convince me to put mine to sleep unles they were really suffering. Bernie loves you and was meant to have you. You are a good person, & my best you you and Bernie.
I really don't know what to say other than that we're definitely sending you and Bernie all of the good thoughts we can that they can find out what is wrong and successfully treat it - and that somehow you can find a way to make it happen financially.

I also wanted to say back from your original posts that Bernie's symptoms sound VERY familiar to what Booker went through in 2002 with a slipped (then burst) disk in her back - luckily she was able to get a diagnosis right away and so we didn't have all of the troubles you have to get to the point where you are at with Bernie's diagnosis.

Good luck - it sounds like Bernie is in good hands and hopefully he knows somehow all of the love and prayers that are being sent his way right now.
thank you folks. its not over yet, its just begining. yep, jeff is an angel indeed. theres several things we are working on aside from bernie even. yet we both have agreed that bernie comes first. bernie and i are both lucky to have eachother, and jeff too. a spinal injury is serious business. but those involved all have agreed that bernie stands a great chance of coming out of this in great shape. though its going to take a lot of time. at least 6 weeks of total bed rest to start they said. ive slept with him in the floor for a week now. so i got a single bed matress and im gonna stay with him in the living room for a while. as you folks know, hes pretty over weight, and his diet has been adjusted too. hes been getting fed twice a day now. 1 3/4 cups total. 1/2 of which has been green beans. he loves them too. heated in the microwave for 20 seconds is how he likes them. i heat them, then pour water over them, and then pour the water out altogether. add some of his welness food to the mix and he destroy's it.
bernie is all i have in this world. i dont have any living family members left. i do have a brother in MI, but we arent really close. so bernie is my family. i know its far from over, but im trying to keep my faith. honestly, im expecting the worst. im like that. positive and me are far apart. when your belly is empty and your mind is full, its a hard road to walk.
ive probably gotten 15 hrs sleep since last friday.(a week ago) i hope i can get some sleep tonight. i hope bernie gets good sleep tonight too. we both need it.hes 1 1/2 hours from me now. we've never been apart for the night that i can ever remember. hes always been there to snuggle up to. they are talking that they will probably hold him for 5 days or so after all this to keep an eye on him. hes in good hands i think. plus he has the prayers of so many over him.
wow, i never thought i would be on here telling a story like this. ok folks im going to bed.
good-night, god bless.
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I'm so sorry about Bernie, hope things will turn out fine. Yes,I believe Murphy's dad know of a web-site where you can apply for free money for sick pets. I remember one of our member did that.
Good luck, and I'll keep you in my prayers too.

Charlie mom
oh my goodness you have both certainly run the race of emotions this week. sending out beagly prayers and hugs to you both. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

I too know the anxiousness of having a sick or injured pet and doing whatever it takes.

The organization that everyone has mentioned is imom.org. Murphy's Dad suggested it for Cat whose sweet girl Ladybug needed back surgery. She was able to receive assistance and many "friends" from Beagle World donated to imom.org specifically for Ladybug. If you look into it and are able to get something set up for Bernie please let me know I will gladly help get him back to his old self.

Keep fighting the good fight !!

Julie and Sammy
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Its good to have you and Bernie back. I'm sorry to hear of all the problems that have stackd up on you. They tend to do that. Keep the faith. Things will get better. To help financially, take a look here: Handicapped Pets Financial Forum and imom.org . This is a list of groups that help people in need take care of their pets. Imom helps fund pet care.

If Bernie has a herniated disk, crate rest is one of the recommended treatments, the other is surgery. Both work. The only difference is that surgery corrects the problem, crate rest allows the symptoms to subside, reoccurence is still possible. So for now, keep Bernie quiet and resting. You do the same.

We will keep you both in our thoughts.
Thanks for the update. I was worried and still am. But it does look like you have him in the best place he can be for the best treatment.

We are going through something similar with Sadie now. Although hers does not appear to be as severe as Bernie's. Sadie has a herniated disk in her back. It caused her pain, but no neurological symptoms. We started out with rest and taking Rimydly. But she re-injured herself after 2 weeks of Rimydly. So they switched her to Prednisone and complete rest for 3 weeks. It is very hard to keep her resting but we have been steadfast and have made her do it for the most part. She is getting better, but still has her sore, stiff days.

Keep us posted on Bernie and you get yourself some rest!!
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