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bernie goes back to UGA.

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ok folks, this vist is important.
this is bernies follow up appointment with his surgen. this is where he tells me bernies long term recovery program and tells me if theres any issues or worries. please, cross your fingers and toes. pray if you will. bernie needs a good report. my heart is on edge right now. im a wreck honestly. i told ya a week ago that bernie had back slid in his progress a bit. i think hes back to moving forward a bit. or at least leveled off.
so his appointment is at 2pm tomorrow. we leave out of here at 12 on the dot. will be praying the whole way im sure. join in if ya got the time.
see ya tomorrow evening with the report.
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Finger, toes and paws all crossed. Prayers and best wishes headed back East from Bernies' Colorado Second Cousins three times removed! :rotatesmiley2:

Fingers, toes, legs, paws and eyes crossed for you two.
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Fingers and, LOTS AND LOTS OF PAWS CROSSED here! I'll add you and Bernie to my prayer list along with Grace's vet visit.
At High Noon, my good thoughts and prayers will be preceding you and Bernie to the surgeon's office.

It's so good to hear that his recovery seems to be improving! (Due to his dad's love and care without a doubt) :exactly:
I will be thinking of you and Bernie this morning and wishing good things for you.
Aww, we are thinking of you & Bernie today! Hope all goes well. We have our fingers and paws crossed.

Jenn & Lucky
Oh Bernie, we'll have our fingers and paws crossed for you that you have a good visit with your doctor. Rick, I'll be adding my prayers for you both. Have a safe trip!
Sending lots of positive thoughts and prayer down towards Georgia for Bernie.
Monty and I are sending some Canadian love and prayers for you!
:computer: It's 12:10pm here in Orlando and Tippi and I send good wishes to you and Bernie.
Can't wait to hear how things go.

"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet."
Edith Wharton
been hangin' around, just a wonderin'.....hate to bug ya RC.....I know you're busy....just gonna' bump this to the top
I didn't see this post until just now. What did the vet say about Bernie?

bernie was a ham at UGA. we got there and he was soon taken to the back for about an hour.
so when it was time for me to come join him the on duty student came got me and was just shaking his head. i asked him what was wrong. he said that everybody knows bernie. i asked him what he ment. he said there were students coming from all over the place and other buildings to just say hello to bernie. they were popping their heads in just to tell him hello and give him a good petting. the student and i just looked at eachother.(the student is a guy).
my chin was on the floor. these beautiful doc/student from everywhere just popping up.
im like OMG! the last time i saw anything like this was my first concert back in 77.
it was the king himself, elvis. it goes to show my theory is correct.1, the dang dog is a chic magnet, and 2, everybody loves a beagle.
it was crazy. i wonder why he was so glad to see me when i went to pick him up post surgery.
if i were him you woulda had to drag me outta there kicking and screaming. the dang dog is a hit everywhere he goes. so in seeing this, my hunt for a beagle costum is back on! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
oh your probably wondering what the report is. ok, here it is in short:
:thumbup: :bounce: :bounce2: :animal18:
he didnt get to see his surgen, which i was totally disappointed about, but the resident surgen was on duity and filling in for dr platt.
he said bernie was doing just great as far as he could tell. he cave bernie 2 more weeks of crate rest due to his recent back slide. said then we can start to give bernie 10 minute walks. do that for 2 weeks, then bump it up to 15 minutes, and so on. said the drunkin hind legs could take up to 6 months to heal. told me to take it easy with bernie and to not expect to much from him. he said bernie showed signs of great possibilities for himself and his recovery. he said bernies
energey level was fantastic and thats exactly the way they like to see their patience. bernie was all over the place let me tell you. in to everything as a beagle always is. so im tickled to death about his report. on our way out, bernie did what he does best. we werent 2 ft out the door and up goes the leg and a gallon of his finest was left for other dogs to read.
thats bernie for ya. so there we have it folks. i hope everybody is as excited as i am about this.
i cant wait til we can snuggle again full time.
im gonna take my bed down off the frame so he dont have to jump to get in any more. well, after his crate rest is done. i took a nap in my own bed today. first time since bernie got hurt. boy that felt so good! i didnt want to get out.
so im gonna go cause i wanna hear everybodies input.
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The sadness of Judy's news re: Maggie has been tempered a bit, knowing that Bernie is well on the way to mending.

yes im really down about maggie. ive had several pray for her.ive prayed for her. i hope things go well. i just want to hug maggie so badly.
judy too.
just bumping this up so folks get to hear bernies report.
Thanks for the great report on Bernie!! So glad he got a good report from the doctor. Isn't that a relief?? Good work both of you!!! Keep us posted!!!
Way to go Bernie!

You are right, beagles seem to charm...Henry was pretty popular last year when he spent so much time dying at VTech. And his regular vet office also like him.

Good idea taking the bed off of the frame...and two more weeks of crate rest will fly by.

You and Bernie make a formidable team...of course he would do well.

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