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Others have given you excellent advice on this and I can't even start to be as informed as they are.

We have ended up using Beneful a few times when we run out of the hounds usual Prescription Diet R/D (weight loss formula) which we have to get from the vet - which closes at 6 pm therefore leading to the odd time when we've found ourselves at dinnertime without any dog food and had to go to the grocery store for something, anything, to feed our starving (in their minds) hounds. I've usually picked it up because it is more expensive than most of the other grocery store brands - I stupidly decided it must be better quality as a result.

The hounds do appear to love the taste - not surprising given what I have just read about what is in it coupled with the fact that really the hounds like the taste of everything and have never to my knowledge turned up their noses at anything. They have usually ended up with runny poop afterwards... this is about the only time ANY food has had this effect on them, and they are veteran scavengers and have eaten pretty much anything and everything they have ever found without digestive upset.

So I'm definitely rethinking Beneful as a backup... Thanks everyone for all the information.
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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