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behavior problems!!

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boni is getting more disobedient. i admit that i havent been training her that much since ive been busy with projects nowadays. but she doesnt obey me when i say the basic commands like sit and come.. not unless she knows i have a treat in my hand....

Can someone please help me understand her behavior? Could it be because i have been training my other pups and not spending all my time with her?

also, I was just wondering how do you train your beagles if u have more than 1. Are you supposed to train them in separate rooms? or have them all in the same room?

hehe sorry im kinda new with having more than one dogs...i love 'em but sometimes they just drive me nuts /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif
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I can relate- Snoopy is the same- will do anything for food...but if I don't have any - "forget it mum"!! Still persistence is the key and lots of short fun training sessions. I've got one of those treatbags you can hang off your pants and quite often I'll walk around with it on me for the day so that if I need him to do something the rewards are at hand :thumbup:
I guess with multiple dogs I'd train one at a time initially and then once they all get good at it have combined fun training sessions. Just my opinion though.
You really have to train them on their own so the can concentrate on you. Dogs mentality changes when they are together so you have to train them apart then bring them together when each has a good level of obedience.

You say you have other pups, are they all young? If so then you will find it very hard to train them together as all puppies want to do with other puppies is play. Really you should only get another pup when the other one is trained up.
In my experience, which is limited to my own beagle and those that I have read about here, for the most part, beagles tend to consider what's in it for them before they obey any command. I'm sure this can be overcome with patience and persistence, but my Josie has a lot more of both of those than me, so I just give in. She's got me well trained...
Boni - I know how hard it is to train humans. I'm sure your human isn't getting the message that "nothing is free." My human expects me to sit and stay doesn't often offer me any treat but I've finally trained him to acknowledge my good behavior with lots of praise and loving. Humans, they are so hard to train but you have got to love them.

Xsara had serious behavior issues growing up.

The grand floor destruction of 2005:

Phone combo:

My favorite poster:

These are only some of her artworks, there are many more. Anyway, the only thing that helped us get through this is training! I still work with her every day, no excuses. Sometimes my clicker looks tired but I strongly believe she needs to work. She loves our training sessions and I keep them short and fun with a lot of rewards.
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hahaha The pic with the half chewed phone is funny! Boni hasnt tried anything like that...she mostly destroys a lot of stuffed toys and pillows.. once she tried chewing my sisters favorite shoes...well, i ended up chasing her around the house for a while :biglaugh:

My other puppies are 8 months old..i have been training them individually now.. I tried to train them all in the same room and my golly! :freak: it was really hard..

Boni understands me when i tell her to sit or come..the thing is, she only does it when she's sure she gets some treat out of it
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