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Last night, Penny came in very quietly and went straight to the bedroom, I called her, then followed her to see what she was up to. I was horrified! Her face was swelling before my eyes and was increasing in size incredibly quickly.

She then started rubbing her face on the carpet to ease the pain. We immediately rang the emergency vet and he said it was probably a bee sting in her mouth. Meanwhile her face was still swelling - she was resembling a bull dog!

We tried to locate the sting, with no luck - he recommended pulling the sting out and dampening the spot with vinegar. Because we couldn't find the sting, the vet recommended a cool wet towel rubbed on her face and keep her quiet. He also told us to be prepared for her frothing at the mouth (thankfully this didn't happen) and if it did happen rush her to the surgery immediatly. We later found that she had also vomited outside - the vet said a normal reaction. Once Penny settled, she slept very deeply all night.

This morning her swelling has subsided - just a little across the bridge of her nose and under her chin. I have never seen a bee sting have this kind of reaction before! What amazed me is that Penny didn't yelp, wimper or growl throughout the whole ordeal. Thankfully all ended well and Penny is back to her bouncy self.

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WOW, That is very serious. It appears Penny is allergic to bee's.

I would keep an eye on Penny and mind any bee's around the house and make sure to get rid of any nest's found right away. A wasp will sting many times where other bee's sting only once.

I'm glad to hear she is all right this morning.
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