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Just Curious.

It's just about bedtime for Molly and I and there are times that I regret allowing Molly on the bed at night,I could never turn her away though - my first beagle, Thumper, was the same way she slept right with me; I guess it's just the way I am, she's my girl I hate it when she feels turned out; anyway, most times she will just curl up around my feet; though sometimes she has to get right in the middle! But mostly it's the times when she starts her "getting comfortable" routine and goes round and round kicking up covers until she is comfy; and I usually let this go on until she's done, unless I'm really tired then she gets a "alright already lay down" and she does!

So I was just wondering how many if any - go through something similar or even close to this? /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif
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How Funny :biglaugh: What Great stories! - I thought I was going to be alone on this one! Molly never stays put for long either - and in the morning she will usually have made her way to encompassing most of the bed, and just like you say, no matter who's in the way! After starting out the night all curled up at my feet, she was sprawled out right up against me smack dab in the middle this morning. My fiance says "Your not a moring person are you" he says this to me at 5:30 after I've spent the night adjusting myself around Molly and fighting with her for a little leg room! And I can totaly relate to being pushed out too! :hysterical:
All the room they can get! :biglaugh:
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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