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Bed Dragging

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I have an 11 month old female Beagle. For the past month, she's been dragging her bed around everywhere she goes in the house. She even drags it up onto the couch, sometimes humping it, while biting a corner of the bed. She even falls asleep in the bed, while biting the corner of the bed. Why?
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Charlie did this, and we observed as to why? we come to see that to Charlie that WAS HIS and only His and he wanted to keep it safe with him, keep an eye on it.......I even wanted to make sure so where he dragged it, I put it back where I wanted it, and he was looking at me , then he went to it, looked at me making sure it was ok to take it were he wanted it, I pretended to ignore him, then he drag the bed again to whereever he was, time passed i ignored it.......then i would always place it back where I wanted it.......then it became a circle event.\haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaha
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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