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Bed Dragging

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I have an 11 month old female Beagle. For the past month, she's been dragging her bed around everywhere she goes in the house. She even drags it up onto the couch, sometimes humping it, while biting a corner of the bed. She even falls asleep in the bed, while biting the corner of the bed. Why?
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Bodie who's a year in a half at times still plays with his dog bed like it's a toy. We had to buy Kong brand dog beds or he'd rip through them.

What we do when he starts ripping into his bed is squirt him with a 3:1 vinegar and water solution and he'll stop. We do the same thing when he digs in the trash or barks incessantly. Since we've started doing that we've seen a drastic decrease in these negative behaviors. We might only have to squirt him a few times a week now.
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