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We have the same exact situation with Duke and Violet. Vi is constant, non-stop play and Duke does get tired of it. I think he's afraid to give her too much back because Cassie has gone after Violet a few times (female dominance issues and grouchiness...though Cassie doesn't do anything but scare Vi) and Cassie got in trouble so Duke thinks he will get in trouble if he goes after Violet.

He does discipline her at times and lets her know he's had enough and a few times there's been a tussle, though nothing serious and no blood or injuries at all. More than anything, Duke tries to get away from her, so he'll jump on the spa if they're outside, since she can't. Last week, I noticed he was spending evenings on our bed. Don't know if it was because of the sudden cold or to get away from Vi. That's when I did step in, close the bedroom door and make Violet behave if Duke doesn't want to play. It seems to be working well, to the point where now Duke has gone to her for play a few times, which he never had a chance to do before.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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