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Sorry I have not been posting for awhile. Busy busy busy...

Anyway, I just received the following message and was wondering if anyone in CA would be kind enough to contact me urgently so that we can pull these poor babies to safety.

"Alza Corporation, a Johnson & Johnson Company, is closing their Mountain View, CA. facility.

The animal test facility has 40, 16 month old beagle puppies that DESPERATELY need good loving homes.

These dogs were NEVER tested.

If you know of anyone, a rescue or are interested in helping give these

puppies homes, please contact Rick Bible at: azoulaybible @ hotmail.com

(at hotmail.com).

The facility manager will have to put them to sleep if no homes are found by OCTOBER 15TH!!

Thanks for your help,
Nettie Azoulay
Healthy Lifestyles Fitness Director
Palo Alto Family YMCA
3412 Ross Rd.
Palo Alto CA 94303 [email protected] ymcamidpen .org (at ymcamidpen.org)"

I did not put this post in the RESUe section on purpose as I am hoping it will be seen by more members.

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Hey, Cheerio!! So good to see a post from you!! We've missed you!! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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