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Beagles and water

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You know from messages on here I'm starting to get the impression that Beagles and water don't mix that well, which is odd as this is what we've been doing most days this summer:

So, I'm wondering - is it just her?? Do your Beagles like water?

And also - it seems like other people's beagles get bathed a lot more often than mine - so next question is - how often and why do you bath your Beag?
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Chloe loves water... she is a little suspicious when first seeing a lake, pond.... but then she just loves it. She also loves taking baths and tries to jump in with me all the time.
I bath her when she is dirty or every month and a half. I also just wash her legs 2-3 times a week since she gets on the bed and the sofa... other than that: CHLOE AND WATER MIX WELL! :happyhappy:
Beagles, like people, have different likes and dislikes. My Li'l Girl is one of the beagles who wants nothing to do with water. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif She tolerates her baths, but that's about all. :eyes:
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Hunter really dislikes water of any kind -- rain included. He's kind of a big baby about it.

And we don't bathe him too much -- usually when he starts to really smell like a hound, maybe every 2 months or so. He whines like he's being stuck with a hot poker.
Sammy loves to go to the beach

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I have one of each. Hunter hates water. Casey likes water.

Deleted double post---Hellen
I almost died the first time I pulled into the driveway to see one of the Wonder Twins tied to the front of the truck getting a bath.

That being said, if we leave the bathroom door open while showering, it is a sure thing that Chloe is gonna jump in with us. Lillie has to have the door closed and then still have her harness on to keep her from jumping out of the tub.
Zeus can’t make up his mind about water. We take him to a dog park with a lake and he will get in up to his belly and that’s it.

He is good in the bath we try and keep one hand on him at all times are he will shake but other then that he really dose not mind.

We bath him when he gets stinky.... every 3 weeks or so...depends on what he just decided to roll in.
I depends on the beagle. Murphy hated water before his back injury. His rehab was swimming. It took a while but he now loves the water.

When Summer had to rehab her leg, we tried swimming. We had to pull her in using two lead ropes. Murphy, unleashed, just walked into the pool and was swimming behind her. She could not get out of the pool fast enough for her liking.
Mine used to hate water then this summer, they actually started to enjoy it a little more.

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Lucky hates water. I suspect it is due to the fact he had about 3 baths a day when he was a puppy due to parvo. Poor baby. His baths are horrible. I have to struggle to keep him in the bath. He gets a bath about once a month or more if he rolls in something. I try to keep him nice and white!

I did try to give him swimming lessons last summer in my parents pool (which is now gone). He pretty much hates me for this!

Look at him swim!

Climbing out of the pool (I helped him)
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The only time Miss Shiloh has been in water is when she has her bath, so she hasn't been very impressed with it! She's been for walks around ponds and such, but not in them. I would love to take her to a beach someday and see how she reacts to that. :animal18:
We have a pond near our house and sometimes Caesar would frolic in it. Running/jumping but never swimming. During our heat wave this summer I bought him a kiddie pool to play in and keep cool. He wanted nothing to do with it except drink out of it so I would pick him up and place him in the pool. At least he cooled off his paws. Oh...and he hates his baths. I end up just as wet as he does.
Baxter is very good when it comes to baths. But swimming for fun? Nah, He hates it! We are trying to introduce it as not a bad thing but so far he is just not going for it! We even got him a brand new life vest for the pool. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif Our Black Lab on the other hand, LOVES the water!
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Maggie loves to swim, could care less if it is raining when she is outside and, until we had to start weekly baths, didn't mind her every 3 month or so bath. We've never tried the beach because she also loves to eat sand (which makes her terribly sick) ...
so looks as though rather than being a breed trait each Beag just makes its own mind up... hmm sounds familiar /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
great to hear the stories and see your photos - I love watching Beaglina swim with those ears trailing out behind!
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Sadie loves the boat but isn't too sure about the water. She fell overboard once when she was little. (And yes, she can swim. Which is good because she's afraid of her life jacket.) We're taking it slow and not forcing her too much because we'd really like her to enjoy the water as much as we do. She's coming around. Last time we had her out, I took her in and supported her with one hand under her chest. She was very relaxed. It was a hot day. I think she enjoyed cooling off. We'll also wet her down with the hand-held shower once in a while so she doesn't get overheated.
She will walk in the water right at the edge, but hasn't gone deeper on her own yet. It was funny... One time she squated to pee in about an inch of water. She turned around to sniff, and couldn't find it. You could tell she was very confused. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif
I guess there's two schools of thought on bathing. Never and frequently.
Our vet says bathe her as often as we can with a mild oatmeal shampoo. I've found that if I make the water really warm, Sadie almost enjoys it. (In spite of herself.) I think temprature means allot when it comes to Sadie and water.

It's bath day. I think I'll go see if she'll get in the pool with me first. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif
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I know that Holly doesn't like rain, but I haven't been able to take her to a large body of it since I got her. If I had to guess, she probably won't like that either...she hates baths. I give them to her about every 2.5-3 weeks.
We haven't experienced summer with our girls yet (just gone into spring now), so it will be interesting to see if they like it!

We have been taking them to the beach a lot and they will walk through the shallows, but it's been too cold for us to actually go in.

I put some water in one of those big clam shells for them yesterday and they thought it was a great idea for me to give them a giant blue water bowl! :rolleyes: Sally went in and stood in it eventually, so hopefully they'll frolick in it in summer.

I love they love water, would be fun to take them to a water hole and have a swim. I don't like swimming at the beach, I had the sand in your swimmers.

(... Erin)
Fin does not care for water which stink because I was at the lake a lot this summer. He would only go in to his shoulders then run out very quickly. He's such a baby when it comes to getting his paws wet; he always needs to have one sticking out the water. I was thinking of getting him a baby pool to get him used to water, but now with the fall approaching and the weather already getting cooler I'll just wait til next summer.
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