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Beagles and Safe Traveling

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I have a question for you all out there who travel a lot with your dogs. I usually make about a four hour trek one weekend each month. Of course, I take my beagles with me. I usually just make them a bed in the back and they sleep the whole way. On short trips around town they will ride shot gun. The other day I got to thinking if I were in an accident, even just a minor one, it would not be a good situation for the dogs with them not being strapped in.

What do you all think about seat belts for dogs? Do you have any experiences with them? Do you have any suggestions on which to buy?
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They make harnesses with loops for the seat bealt. The dog can still lay but will be safe. That is what I have for my Shih-Tzu and need to get for my Beagle.
We found these doggie seat belts with one end that connects to their harnesses (we never hook things to their collars to prevent them from chokeing) and the other end clips into the seat belt latch just like a regular seat belt does. It also doubles as a leash when needed as it has a hand hold on the end and also a place to put poop bags.

You can find them on Amazon and they are made by Bamboo.

They still allow the dog to move around, but it will prevent you dog from being thrown from the care.

We have 3 of them, one for each beagle. I guess we can't get anymore beagles as we only hook up 3 seatbelts in the back of the car.
I tried the seatbelts and for our guys it was a no go, they hated them and it just wasn't pretty.

We have an SUV and keep the beags in the back with a gate up so they can't jump over.
This seems to keep them the calmest.
I have a dog blanket for the backseat, and a harness for Hailey that goes around her body. It's fitted and comfortable for her as well -- it has a standard clip on the end that snaps into a custom unit that goes directly into the seat belt lock. It gives her enough room to stand up, turn around (it swivels), lay down, but that's about it.

I'd really recommend against anyone allowing their dog to roam the car freely and specially in the front passenger seat while the car is in gear. That's just an accident waiting to happen.
Thank you

Thanks for the ideas y'all!
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