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Beagle scratching

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Hi all, just got our 14month old female Beagle. She's lovely but constantly scratching. Treated her for fleas yesterday even though there are none visible but she's still at it. Not just one area either. She's moved from Melbourne to Brisbane so a noticeable change to a warmer, humid climate. She also seems to intermittently be panting a lot but maybe that may be an anxiety thing?Otherwise she's settling in really well.
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Hi and Welcome to the pack.
You didn't say much about the dog, but from what you did mention, it sounds like allergies.
I would take her to the vet to check it out! They tend to get obsessive, and she might even start bleeding from all the scratching.

PS - we kinda love pictures.... :thumbup:
Welcome to BW! Sounds like it is time for a vet consultation -- you don't want the scratching to get out of hand or habitual. Panting may be a sign of adjustment to the warmer climate but you should mention that to the vet as well. Looking forward to hearing how your beagle (name?) came to be part of your family and, as Eleanor mentioned, we love pictures!
Does sound like allergies ! My Shiloh was the same so this may be a good time to see the vet. Shiloh was allergic to something that was in his dry dog food. I changed his food and gave him a couple oatmeal baths and no more allergy. Sometimes some beagles will have a problem with dry skin and also when you bath puppy be sure to rinse him/her well. Dryed soap on their skin will cause scratching,too. But do not expect your puppy to stop all scratching because some dogs will scratch sometime anyway. :wave: :thumbup:
Another possible suggestion would be to add a little vegetable oil to their food. My vet suggested this to help with dry skin problems and scratching and it has worked wonders. Besides the dogs seem to think it is a treat.
Hi, a big welcome to Beagle World. Itching can be caused by many things, from allergies to grass mites. Once you have checked with your vet that all is well as far as health is concerned, then you can start ruling out the causes one at a time.
The suggestion of adding oil to the food is not a bad one, if the cause is dry skin. Does she lose a lot of hair? Panting could be the heat, coming up to mid summer at your end of the planet! Wish we could swap!!
More details and lots of photos please.
Do you live anywhere near Tewantin? I have friends there.
Marley had demodex mites, localized to an area above his head but it made him scratch all over, all the time. Treated the demodex, scratching stopped. Except his booty, which he scratches sometimes when his glands needed to be expressed.
Chase has started scratching a lot lately also. but it's more so his upper area like neck and head... I was thinking maybe because he's new to wearing a collar? :conf12:
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