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Beagle quirks!!

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I am sure this has been posted before but does your beagle have an quirks? Maggie always begs when I am eating something and if its hot and I blow on it, Maggie will lick the air like she can taste it!! Another thing, if she hears this one song, it's a rap song called the "whistle song" she goes crazy!! She starts turning her head sideways and starts howling immediately so if we ever want her to howl we just start whistling to the tune of that song and she just sings right along. I know this is kinda silly but I just love reading about beagles and their crazy personalities! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/tired.gif
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Whenever I let Casey in from outside she has to grad a toy-any toy doesn't matter and run around the house 3 times before she drops it and looks around.
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