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Sorry eveyone been a busy few days with the pup, thanks for all the advice and nice comments 😊

Cassie looks adorable, how old is she now?

Yes this is my first puppy, absolutely in love with her

Unbelievablely she goes straight into her create or my lap when she's tired and also sleept through the first 2 full nights in her create!

She seems to be such a quick learner, it has taken me 5 attempts and she has already learnt the 'sit command' 🙌. (Be continuing this to make sure it engrains in her memory)

Potty training is proving more difficult but its only 2 days so I'm not expecting this for at least 6months if not more!

As for off lead, I only take her out on to the grass as shes too small to walk but soon as I shout her name she comes running back to me. Hopefully she will continue this is I'd like to have her off lead when visiting beaches.

Here ls another photo to update you all with
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Wicked cute beagle!
They’re little buggers to train, but once you break through it’s just awesome, you’ll have a little shadow for life!
My boy loves going off lead and we do it at the local oval and beach, so definitely something to look forward to!😀
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