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beagle on tru blood!

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on the season premiere of tru blood, there was a beagle shapeshifter and it was SOO CUTE lol i especially liked how the human side of it was sniffing around the kitchen for food lmao......sooo very much like a beag lmao.

of course he gorged himself on food on the counter lol....just like the typical beag lol
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Originally Posted By: jen-n-jerseyI know! I was so excited when I first saw him. He was on last season too. When they show flashbacks to Sam's past, they show him. He was the family pet and Sam turned into him the first time he shifted.
OMG ur right iforgot about that!!!

guess i need to watch the first season again
Originally Posted By: Quinn&GraysonMan I wanna see that show....
SUCH a good show, but just a warning VERY explicit but SOO GOOD lol

i read the novels before the show came on i was soo excited, anyway i suggest renting season one at blockbuster if you haven't seen it. totally worth it
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Originally Posted By: EveHa! That's kind of awesome. Now that we have beagles, my boyfriend and I get a kick out of seeing them in any movie or TV show. The main character on Star Trek: Enterprise (which we're watching on DVD now) has a beagle, and my boyfriend and I like to guess whether it's the same dog used in all the episodes (we thought we saw the face markings change in a single episode).
HAHAH i know me too everytime i see one i'm like AWW.
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