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beagle on tru blood!

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on the season premiere of tru blood, there was a beagle shapeshifter and it was SOO CUTE lol i especially liked how the human side of it was sniffing around the kitchen for food lmao......sooo very much like a beag lmao.

of course he gorged himself on food on the counter lol....just like the typical beag lol
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This may have already been discussed, but did anyone see the new Star Trek movie? It's sort of a prequel of how they all got together. When Scotty turns up he explains that he has been banished to a frozen outpost because of an experiment gone wrong involving Admiral Archer's beagle. The admiral that he was referring to was Captain Archer (played by scott Bakula) in the TV series Star Trek: Enterprise. Remember his cute beagle on that show?
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