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I've been jogging my beagles nearly every day. It's my therapy! After what has happened to Kylie, the purebred (blown c-5 c-6 and 3 weeks post op from cervical surgery) I wouldn't do it. The neurologist assured me that I didn't do anything to cause her to hurt herself...that she has a genetic disc disease but I still feel that I pounded her body. Our other beagle is a beagle mix. She looks like a beagle except that she's all yellow. They called her a beagle/mix at the shelter.She looks like a minature yellow lab. She is more solid. I will continue to jog her. Her prior "master" must have been a jogger. She absolutely loves jogging.

Kylie, the beagle was 9 months when she rescued us and I started jogging her probably by the time she was a year. Kylie also liked to jog. Kylie's jogging days are over.

I'm not a doctor...I am a jogger.

Hope I helped.

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