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Beagle Housetraining

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Hello all.

Our new beagle, Scout is having some tough times house training. The people we adopted him from said he was house trained but I'm not sure they were telling the truth.

My question is, at about 11 months old, what is the best way to house train a dog. I know it will be difficult, so patience and lots of floor cleaner is key but I am willing to try anything.

Share your successes!!

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In addition to the crate training, you can tether your dog to you. Sounds like a pain, but many people have success with this method. When he is not in his crate and when you can't sit there and watch him, attach him to you with his leash. Run it through your belt loop. This way he can't get more than the length of his leash away from you, so you have excellent control of him and he can't wander off and pee.

BTW, when I crate trained one of my dogs, I never let her feet touch the ground when I got her out, especially in the mornings. I opened the crate and immediately picked her up and carried her outside to the potty area. Otherwise, she'd take two steps out of the crate and squat. I really think this shortened her training time.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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