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Beagle Housetraining

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Hello all.

Our new beagle, Scout is having some tough times house training. The people we adopted him from said he was house trained but I'm not sure they were telling the truth.

My question is, at about 11 months old, what is the best way to house train a dog. I know it will be difficult, so patience and lots of floor cleaner is key but I am willing to try anything.

Share your successes!!

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Eric most of my housetraining is limited to a puppie but probably in someways about the same. First thing when he wakes in morning and last thing at night before bedtime. Now the inbetween times you will probably have to use your on judgement on them. Since usually by this age they can hold it longer. Going times during day would probably be like anytime he starts sniffing around on floor of roaming from one room to another. But if he should have that indoor accident not only clean it good but spray something to cover his order,also. If not it will confuse him into thinking that one spot where he smells his order is ok to use indoors. When he does go out try to let him go in same spot he always goes and give him plenty "good boy".
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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