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Beagle gourmet.

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We'd had Suzi about two years when one night I grilled a couple bacon-wrapped filet mignons for dinner while my wife Paulette baked a couple potatos and made a salad. We usually eat dinner on folding tables in the living room while watching TV, so when all was ready Paulette set up the tables and I brought in the steaks and potatos. I settled down into my recliner and started to cut open my potato to add butter and sour cream. Just then, when my hands were full, Suzi came over the front of my table, grabbed my steak and swallowed the whole thing in one bite. I know it shows what good taste she has, but darn that was some expensive dog food.
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I'm really going to date myself, but no doubt Suzi's a believer in, "Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl," the old Mamas and Papas song that I sing to my Li'l Girl. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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Quote:Originally posted by Sandyj:
I'm really going to date myself, but no doubt Suzi's a believer in, "Nothing's Too Good For My Little Girl," the old Mamas and Papas song that I sing to my Li'l Girl. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
Oh Lord, that's for sure. If we have it, she wants it. Everything but seafood. I gave her a fried shrimp one time. She spit it out, dropped down and started rolling on it. I guess she thought it smelled bad enough to be worth getting the scent all over her.
John, I can picture that now, amazing how our beags can "beag" down huge bites at one time!! They are hilarious!! I DID LOL when I read your post about the steak stealer!!! Beth, Bill, Thelma and Louise
Quote: Everything but seafood ...
...and even that can change. Whenever I have cooked shrimp, Maggie begs, sniffs and walks away from it. Until today ... Maggie gobbled up the first bite of shrimp I gave her and wanted more. Dog food, yuck -- shrimp, yum!
I was packing up some old canned goods and ran across some canned mackeral (was at Bill's house, who on earth would buy canned mackeral?!) so, I thought, I'll see if T & L might like some of this. I had only opened up about a quarter of an inch with the can opener, and those 2 wailed from way across the great room from their kennel!! I was amazed at how they can smell from such a distance! They enjoyed a couple of samll bites, but Mama could not tolerate the smell and threw the rest of the can away!
My two dogs from Louisiana, Henry the cajun and Olivia from N.O. love seafood. Olivia begins hanging around the kitchen when I bring shrimp or fish out of the freezer to fry. Somehow, before there are any yummy smells, she knows what's coming.

Olivia and Henry even like sushi.

Kelsey, my "country dog" from here in Virginia doesn't care for seafood at all.
You know, the comment about the canned mackeral made me remember, Suzi does love canned tuna. So did Muffin, our border collie. She also loves the hush puppies from Long John Silvers, but she won't eat the fish.

We thought until recently that her favorite food was chicken - she always goes crazy when we have it. But a week or two ago my wife fried some calf's liver for her own dinner and Suzi sat in front of her and bayed until Paulette gave her a bite. After each bite Suzi would start baying again until she got another bite. Thing is, Suzi rarely barks or bays unless someone's playing with her, so she must have really loved that liver.
Yesterday we had a party for my daughter who is turning 24 on 2/11. A friend of hers is a chef and he had prepared a (must be 20lb) of prime rib over to my house. Oh boy, Charlie pick up the scent, but couldn't find it any where(on the counter top), he did the beagle nose hunt the whole kitchen. He went crazy when the entire rib was ready, I did too :biglaugh:
We had about 20 people over, all youngsters in their 20s, and they can get pretty hyper and loud, Charlie was all poofed at about 8:30pm.
Oh , no he did not get any prime rib, I'm afraid his stomach can't take such a rich meat, lots of treats though.

Charlie mom
We went to a Xmas dog show, I went to the buffet got 2 plates of food put them on my chiar went back for a drink, I then heard a bit of a kerfuffle behind me looked around to see a little old lady trying to save my buffet from a very greedy Bonnie beag. She had been asleep under my chair. The lady who owned Whippets could not believe the speed of a beag in feeding frenzy. She grabbed the plate as soon as she could but Bonnie had managed to eat quite a bit in a very short time. :evilgrin:
That's the best story to desbribe a determined beagle. Fin uses any chance he gets to steal food from my plate. Last night I made pigs in a blanket and shrimp for our superbowl party. Well Fin could not get enough of the pigs, but somehow he kept finding them on the floor (I'm sure with the help of his dad, no doubt). He was not a fan of the shrimp however, as I found little pieces of it all over the living room this morning. Beags are the sneakiest when they're tummys are involved.
John, my Bagel would never do that. He’d expected it to be cut up first but if I didn’t save him some properly cut beagle sized morsels I would really get the look! I never do that!

Canned mackerel, I’ve bought my share when I was a semi-starving college student, noit for me but for my old Ding Dong Kitty. A full sized can of mackerel was like 17 cents (That dates me) and those midget sized tins of Cat food were 3 for a dollar. I figured if the mackerel was good enough for human consumption, it was good enough for my cat! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif

Poor Bagel has never had properly prepared beef liver because while I love it, I don’t cook it at home. I’m sure he’d love it!

Iain, I’ve always been a fan of Bonnie and Willow but the Bagel won’t touch my plate when left on a beagle height chair unless it has been abandoned for at least 5 minutes. He will then look at me, look at the plate and if I don’t admonish with a gentle “not yet” he will approach it! I think when I do leave a full plate the Bagel is thinking he is really going to score on tonight’s beagle pre-wash /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif I can even leave the room to retrieve additional foodstuffs and the Bagel waits his turn (Which is after the alpha dog has eaten). I never eat in front of the Bagel without saving some for him and always offering him the plate for final pre-wash! I guess that is why he is willing to wait.
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I think our problem is that Suzi thinks, no, she knows, she's the alpha dog and she feels she should get first crack at everything.
Stealing of food brings memories flooding back. Many of you know the stories about our first beagles, Bilbo the village thief who would come home with food stolen from peoples BBQs, Spotty who stole a whole camenbert cheese in a French restaurant. Less tasty thefts when Spotty stole the contents of a babies nappy. Then we had visitors who dislike dogs and one of them took ages over his cold supper. Without warning Spotty jumped on his lap and stole meat from his plate.

We have trained Susi and Snoopy to wait until we have finished eating, then they get a sample of our food in their bowls. They look like they are fast asleep but the moment we put our knife and forks down they jump down and run to their bowls.
:hysterical: How I can relate to that!!!!
Boeing is a food thief, too. Roast pork or roast chicken would be his favorite, but one time my mom placed a dish of fried fresh mackerel on the dining table and left it unguarded (YES, we DO have to guard our food when the little devil is around). Boeing jumped onto a chair then onto the table before grabbing a fish in his mouth and ran into the living room, gobbling the fish as he went. Mom saw everything from the kitchen at the back of the house, but she was too late coming in (and too shocked /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif ). That was hilarious!!!
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