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Beagle ears

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My goodness, Casie is having his problems this winter.

I have never had a beagle with such a dirty ear. I went to scratch his ears, and he whimpered a little, checked it out, and it was awful...lots of brown (dried blood maybe) or dirt on my finger. So I cleaned them out like I'd been taught, and of course we had to keep him in till they dried out...it's so cold here. But still he whimpers, when you touch them. I thought I saw some spots, very small, of red or pink blood on the tip of the kleenex I used, but couldn't be sure. The kleenex came out clean after about four tries.....I'm thinking this is going to be a vet thing, but today is Sunday and we've just had a huge blizzard, not sure if I'll be able to get out there until Tuesday. Anyone have any ideas or thoughts???

So far it's nothing contagious, as Cobi's ears are cleaner than ever.

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Ear cleaning for beagles is very important. There is no air circulation in there so infections and wax build up can happen easily.
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