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Beagle Christmas Doghouse

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A while back I ordered the beagle Christmas tree from Danbury Mint after seeing the picture here. Since Christmas was over I looked at it and put it back in the box. In the process of finishing up some remodeling and unpacking, I decided the tree is too cute to stay packed away and put it on my bookshelf. Inside I found a card inviting me to reserve the new Beagle Christmas Doghouse but no picture included. Has anyone seen a picture of this? There is nothing on the website.
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I haven't seen anything in the mail about that but I did reserve "The First Annual Beagle Christmas Ornament". It is called "Santa's Helper" and is a beagle on Santa's sleigh -- was $19.95 which I didn't think was bad considering what I have spent on other ornaments over the years and I find the Danbury Mint products really well made.
Do those ornaments cost quite a bit then? I have been watching, I did see on LTD Commodities the only beagle thing in the book was a beagle picture frame, when they had so much stuff for labs and doxies. sighs. Such is the life of a beagle lover. Oh well, there is still my favorite beagle sales lady on Ebay with her Beagle Mom shirts I want so badly!
Yes, the big ones are kind of expensive. You can see them at the Danbury Mint web site.
Judymaggie...I did reserve Santa's Helper. I think I'll send in the card on this house and see what happens.
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