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Beagle Championship Show - Queensland Australia

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We ventured out to the beagle club of qld's championship show today and I thought you might like to see some pictures of Australian show beagles.

I don't know where else to put these, but I want to share, so here's some photos from the beagle champ show today

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Re: Beagle Championship Show - Queensland Australi

Originally Posted By: beaglechaserThose are beautiful dogs! You got some great pictures. I don't mean to sound stupid but are they 13's or 15's or do you do it differently?

Australia follows the English standard of 13-16inches at the withers, as opposed to having two seperate classes.

Here is a snippet:
Originally Posted By: http://www.beagleworld.com.au/forums/the-beagle-standard-description--t3.html

SIZE Desirable minimum height at withers 33cm (13 ins). Desirable maximum height at withers 40cm (16 ins).

*** Please note, in the USA, there are two recognized sizes.
13 inches (Not exceeding 13 inches at the withers.)
15 inches (Not exceeding 15 inches at the withers.)
Andrew did that above reply. I'll reply to some of the other questions.

We can't show our girls because 1. They aren't pedigree and 2. They are desexed. In our shows over here, all dogs that are exhibited are on main register and aren't desexed.

Chloes Mom - We think our two are more gorgeous too
We came home and had big cuddles with them.

The lemon and white beagle is the full brother (from a repeat mating) or a bitch beagle that's got one week till she whelps her litter. I can't wait! She's gorgeous and I hope the puppies come out with her head. She obviously wasn't at the show due to popping 4 puppies out in a week
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