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Cobi our oldest (9) was abused by some neighborhood boys when he was a puppy. He is very serious about protecting us and his brother, Casie. He has barred his teeth at people who enter our yard without us being around...but nothing aggressive more than that. He doesn't seem to like to play either, even though we will take both he and our first beagle out for romps at the soccer fields when kids weren't around to just run and play. He is a very serious guy. Casie (2) on the other hand is very timid and very much the opposite. He'd show the burglars where the silver is if they came into the house. He loves to play, romp and have a great time....But we have had to socialize them both with others and with other dogs....

I guess they are just like people, I have one very serious son, and the other is a cut up....what can I say?
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