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Hi all,
New to the forum, my little buddy and I will be moving to Georgia next week, and beside getting all the necessary health certs, I'm at a bit of a dilemna on sizing on carriers. As this carrier will be used for his in-house home and general daily usage. I ended up buying two to return one. I have a 20.5 (28L x 20.5W x 21.5H) Petmate model and a 23 petmate model (32 x 22.5 x 24). Currently I have him sleeping in the 20.5 model nightly, which he willingly enters on his own. I feel it's a bit tight for him, he can lay down, sit normally and stand normally, but a full on stretch laydown will not work. Which doesn't normally present a problem, since he always sleeps curled up. Turning around, he rubs both sides but does it without struggle.
However the 23 model, I think is way too large, and I'm afraid he will have an accident in it, as it seems he takes up about a 1/4 of the kennel. I his normal mode of rest/relaxation. And you can clearly see it is too tall. I just don't want him to feel insecure or be able to be tossed around too much in flight.
Snoop's size 34 lbs, 15 beagle. His actual measurements 24 long (nose to rump) when sitting, sits fully up(alert type up) at 24 (top of noggin), though is comfortable at 20 tall. Stretched out laying down 28 long.
What size do you folks use for a larger beagle? Do you think I will have any problems with meeting the regs to get him on the airline? Thanks for any help and experiences.
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