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Hi, I'm new!
My name's Bella, I do not own a beagle but have one lurcher (collie x greyhound), two horses and two cats. Thought I'd introduce myself

We have been interested in looking into rehoming an older beagle for a while now (ages 2+) but have been a bit stuck on where to look! I live in the sussex area in England, not sure if most members here live in the states or not though?

We have researched the breed and know of their quirks, but obviously any advice or more info on them would be much appreciated
We are experienced dog owners, just not beagle owners! We have until up to recently (She passed at age 15 :() owned a basset hound. We had her from a puppy and as you may know they are pretty stubborn dogs, but we did just fine with her and had her for fifteen years! At the moment, as I said at the top, we own a lurcher who is 7ish.

Thanks very much!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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