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Originally Posted By: ncdogstarBazel proves what I've always said, a beagle can sleep just about anywhere! Cute pics
Thank you ncdogstar . They certainly can.
Originally Posted By: RosCole
That second pic really made me laugh! They are all really cute!
Thank you RosCole. Bazel has destroyed many beds over the years , that was part of an old couch that we gave him that he destroyed. He likes to wear his bedding. He also likes to bury himself under his bedding. If he is on our bed he will start digging until I growl at him saying None of that your not destroying our dooona thank you mister We have thought of different bedding that he can't destroy but he usual destroys everything. He now has bedding in the laundry and he has a old tablecloth on part of the lounge and he can sleep on that too, he seems to know we won't put up with him destroying out lounge though. If he is in the lounge room at night when we are asleep , sometimes the next morning I find him asleep on the bottom of my sons bed sleeping the sneaky thing.
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