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Daisy's done this when she's been over stimulated and desperately wants to smell the other dog.

I can't stand it and I found doing more distraction training the best way to solve it. I took Daisy to obedience club every week where there would be a large number of dogs on the field and in our class, she had to learn to 'work' and focus on me and not the other dogs. She can do group stays now without even looking at the other dogs.

To transfer this to walks I do a variety of distraction training - I often walk past the dog park, which is fully fenced, along the fence line and get Daisy to heel and look at me, not the other dogs. I give her various commands and reward her for focus. You will have to start a distance away before getting closer to the other dogs and slowly decrease the distance as her focus improves but it does work.

The biggest problem people make in these situations is that they wait until their dog has already seen the other dog to try and distract them with treats etc - work on the principle of time before distance before distraction and get her focusing on you a fair distance from the other dog, as I mentioned above, only decrease the distance when her focus is solid.

I also give Daisy the 'look' command before I see her get distracted, so she is focusing on me before she notices the other dog.
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