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Barking at the front door

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Our 6 month old beagle, Squeegee, has just recently started barking at the front door. We rarely have visitors but live in a townhouse and he hears the neighbors coming and going. We've had him for almost 5 months and he never did this before. Perhaps it's just part of him getting older? I don't want him to be one of those dogs who goes crazy at the door. Any tips for getting him to stop that?
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Here's what I would try.

Have someone approach your door and when he starts barking tell him No and when he complies Click (with a clicker), reward and praise. Continue doing that and you should see him stop quicker each time looking back at you for approval. Within a short period of time he'll learn not barking when he hears someone outside means reward.

You probably will only get a few tries at a time. He'll quickly learn it's a game so you'll want to throw him off. But do it a couple times a day. I bet within a few days you'll see a drastic improvement.

Report back how it goes.
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