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Barking at meal time

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Hi all,

I'm a little at my wit's end as to how to train them out of this. When it was just Buckley, he would do his happy dance, but feeding time was a quiet affair. Now, with two of them, it's an all-out barkfest. This wouldn't be such a big deal, but I get up an hour earlier than DH and feed the dogs right away. Thus, the barking wakes him up. Jewelie is the main problem. Clearly this is a behaviour that was tolerated at her old house for her whole life.

I have tried nose hugs, firm NO, going back into the basement (we keep the food on the landing) and closing the door until they are quiet...nothing seems to work. I know it's because we are feeding them at the same time, but given the size of our house, I'm not sure how I would go about feeding them separately.

Any ideas???
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Trust me, "there is no way to train a beag" to be
calm when it is mealtime! :hi: Beags are very
vocal hounds by nature & "loud about it"! (It is
"part of their charm") As they enter their seniour years they "get worse"! Duke was our worst
as he would act as if he were about to "pass-out"
from starvation...despite being fed 8-10 hours
ago! :rolleyes: Goober...being his prodegy, has
also taken-up this habit! He is very vocal about
his supper & "dangnabbit" he has taught "Homer-the-Huge" the same thing! (Get used to it)! :p :thumbup:
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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