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Banjo and the Snakes...

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<span style="font-weight: bold">WARNING</span>: If you don't care for snakes don't bother scrolling down and looking at the pictures. And before anyone bashes me, I had the situation under control and obviously didn't let the two animals within any sort of close proximity / striking range from each other. Both reptiles are completely harmless.

For some reason the pictures gave the illusion that the animals were closer together then they actually were.

Can anyone say curiosity killed the cat? Every time I clean my snake cages Banjo is incredibly interested. He has no idea what to think of them and just gazes in confusion.

First is Banjo seeing Luna, my Brazilian Rainbow Boa.

Second is Banjo seeing Onyx, my Hypomelanistic Columbian Red Tail Boa.

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Banjo sure looks like he is trying to figure out what they are and what he should do about it. Great pictures.
LOL! I know. I'm surprised he didn't bark or even do much of anything. He just sat there and pondered on how he should approach.
Those are gorgeous pictures
I'm definitely not a snake person, don't know how to tell the dangerous ones from the harmless ones, and held one only once - and I must say it was enough to last me a lifetime!


I think that when inside their tanks, they are mostly beautiful

And Banjo is getting more strikingly handsome by the minute
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Banjo is certainly a curious little fellow. You wouldn't find me that close! LOL! Snakes are my worst enemy.
Banjo's adorable.
I'd be confused, too, if I saw snakes in my house.
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Banjo (cute name) is very adorable. I love his coloring. The snakes are pretty. You can keep the snakes though. ha ha
LOL! Thanks for the complements.
Banjo is alot braver than I would be, you couldn't even get me in the same room with them, outdoors is different.
Nice coloring on the snakes, but
EEK! *shudders*

Snakes...why did it have to be snakes...
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Banjo's expression in that first picture is so priceless. And your snakes are gorgeous! My boyfriend sometimes lets our beagles investigate our fairly small and skinny candy cane corn snake (he's eating 3 fuzzies a week now), but that ended the first time Bones licked him, thinking maybe the snake was a new type of wiggly treat.
Thank you! Eve, my first snake was also a Candycane Corn! Why don't you upgrade the 3 fuzzies to 1 small adult or a large hopper? (Depending on the size of the snake that is)
Great pictures Nick! I'm also not a snake person, but I do appreciate their beauty. My son had a red tail boa a few years back that started out eating small baby mice, then grew to eating bigger mice, and then huge mice. He had him for 2 years and the snake grew to be over 5' and was starting to muscle his way out of his enclosed aquarium, so I told him it was time to go. That, and his next meal advancement would have been rabbits. There was just no way.
I just love Banjo's expression in the first picture. I've seen Mugsy with that same look before, but it was never from snakes!
The snakes are beautiful too. I love Luna's color! I can tell what you mean about the pictures being deceiving...Luna looked pretty big until you show her (her?) in your hand.
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Angi, actually that one isn't deceiving :p

That is a very old picture of Luna. I just wanted one of her whole body that showed off her real colors (for some reason the other ones are all washed out). Luna is now almost 4 feet long.
Well then...ha ha. Maybe Banjo is thinking...I hope this hot dog doesn't eat ME!
Wow, that first snake is so pretty. I am not a huge snake fan (I hate them actually) but they are very pretty to look at. My friend has a huge corn snake (way bigger than any corn snake should ever be) and he is pretty too. Banjo doesn't seem to mind the snake, I can't imagine Spencer being that calm.
Nice snakes!

I was playing with a 6ft bullsnake about a month ago, had very pretty marking on it, and sure did have a grip on my arm! LOL

I haven't let Dixie see any snakes yet, but I do still need to train her incase she comes across a rattle snake.

The last rattle snake I played with was only 4ft long. Need to go hunting as I need to catch a 5ft snake for a buddy of mine so we can take the skin and make a cool guitar hanger.
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