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Hi everyone.. my Bailey girl is a one-and-a-half year old perfect beagle puppy. She loves long walks where she can sniff around and catch up on the local gossip. She especially loves walking through forests. Super friendly and loves to play rough with her best girl friends. Loves her ball-ball and playing tug. Can play with her ball-ball for hours. Is an excellent babysitter (humans and puppies). And loves meeting new people and hates it when it is time for them to leave. She is a big time cuddle bug, will make sure you give her head scritches when she wants them, and belly rubs too. Snores loudly and farts stinky farts once in a while (one particularly bad one woke her up). Best source of heat during winter nights. Everyone who has met her has said that she is the most beautiful beagle they have met and that she has the prettiest eyes. Bailey puppy goes by many names (boobly, booby, boops, pretty pretty etc). She has made our lives complete and better. Didn’t think I could love something or someone as much as I love my perfect little bailey
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the prettiest eyes
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