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Bailey and his cries...

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So.....Bailey was born Aug.7th/08
He became ours just this Sunday (Oct.19th)
He cries A LOT! He cries if you leave his side to even grab a drink or if you need to go to the bathroom, even if you are in the same room as him, and he can see you...he cries!
When he plays he cries, and when he needs to go poop/pee he cries (which is a good thing)

What are some things you have done to help get your puppy to stop all the crying?
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Bodie use to whine and whimper when he was put in his pen at night. Even though it was right in the living room with us. We'd all ignore him and not even look his way. Within 3 nights it more or less stopped. He would occasionally try it again but only for a few minutes and realize no one was going to give him any attention and quit.
what about during the day....like going to get a drink or a trip to the bathroom, etc?
Just ignore it?
The way our living room is set up...you can see the kitchen...so Bailey will stand up and look over the back of the couch and look at you while you're getting a drink...and just cry...really really loudly! he knows how to get off the couch but it's almost like he thinks he needs to go over it or something?
Even if he does jump down and come to where you are...he is still crying..
Congrats on your new baby!! While I am far from a puppy expert, my guess is that Bailey is having some anxiety from being separated from his mom and littermates. As hard as it may be at times, have patience. I'm sure some of the more puppy-savvy members on the board will be posting with some help soon!
It is very important that you get Bailey to being alone. Do it gradually. I would highly recommend that you work with a crate. Start by putting 2-3 toys in it, feed him in it. Every time he goes in on his own will, praise him and be very very happy, so that he gets that he did good. Be consistent. Then close the door on him, don't lock, for one second, and open and praise (only if he isn't upset and negatively excited). The next step will be to keep the door locked for a few seconds.... then step away, then increase the periods of time little by little. He will eventually get it and be okay with it.

It is very very important that you work with him in a way that won't make him depend on you and want to be by your side every second. Beagles get very attached to their owner. It takes time and lots of patience

Good luck!
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Winston cried too, especially when he could see his own reflection in the patio door!
I was adamant not to respond to every cry, and NEVER answer his cry while he's in the crate, only open the crate if he's quiet, otherwise he'll think he can get out by making a fuss. (unless you know he's actually sick or injured)
You just kind of have to grin and bear it sometimes and yes just ignore it, and eventually he'll learn you are coming back.

Bailey's also still very young, most of the crying will stop, but you want to be careful not to let him make it a habit by responding to it or making a big deal of it when he cries.
Winston is now almost 5 months old and he rarely cries now.
we are trying to kennel train him. Last night was the first night. I think it was horrible! He cried pretty much all night...hardly any breaks...he was in the spare room past the kitchen, living room and down the hall...We heard him all night!
At about 3:15am, my husband took him out to see if he had to pee...nothing. So we brought him into our room...he was still a bit hyper but ended up passing out between us.
We really dont want to get him in the habbit of sleeping with us until he is much older and knows different commands.

He shouldn't know his name by now should he?

Its been so long since we have had a puppy....we used to have a much larger dog (a few different mixes) We had her until about 4 months ago now. Our family just didnt seem like a family without a dog...So that's when we decided to start researching different types of dogs to find out what one we think would be best for us. We chose, ofcourse, our beagle.
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Dianna, you guys have to stick to your guns. I know it's tough and you'll be tempted to take him out of the crate and let him sleep with you. But that will only be prolonging the issue.

Try putting the crate in a central location in your house where Bailey can see you guys the most. Put him in the crate in the evening before you head off to bed. Then he can adjust to the crate and know you guys are still up and around. You can also put the crate in your bedroom overnight and cover it if so desire. He'll know he's close to you and might feel more comfortable.

We put Bodie's crate in our bedroom a few weeks ago as part of our overall potty-training plan. He hasn't had any accidents in his crate in a long time. Tonight will actually be his first night to be free in our bedroom overnight. If it doesn't work out he'll go back in the crate. But we're going to give it a try.
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