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Awesome essay- Oh, for the carefree life of dogs


Oh, for the carefree life of dogs

By Jay Cronley, Tulsa World staff writer

My two dogs don't know how far down the stock market has dropped this fall.

They don't know about all the home foreclosures.

They don't know that commercial real estate is thought to be approaching a sad condition similar to the residential market.

They don't know that Hummer trucks haven't been selling so well.

They don't know that GM thinks the vehicle of the future is an expensive model that you will plug in next to the leaf blower.

They don't know that some auto workers have pretty fat contracts despite a lack of business.

They don't know that people are coming out of the woodwork and cornstalks, claiming to be real banks so they can get some handout money from the government.

The secretary of the Treasury didn't depress my dogs.

They don't know who is running the country.

They didn't bail out any insurance company.

They know so little...:

My two dogs don't know that natural gas coming out of the ground costs peanuts.

They don't know that it is nevertheless pretty expensive to heat your home using natural gas.

They don't know that dozens of thousands of people are being laid off from banking
and brokerage jobs almost on a weekly basis.

They don't know ESPN has just signed on to televise more BCS bowl games well into the future, suggesting there will be no playoff system, suggesting that the con games will continue.

They don't know that many of the largest retail outlets are expecting the worst holiday sales period ever.

They don't know that food supplies for the homeless are running low.

They don't know about all the drunk drivers who get to drive again.

They don't know about all the uninsured drivers.

They don't know about all the uninsured people.

They don't know that they age too fast.

...but yet, so much:

On the worst possible day imaginable, even if you're three hours late, even if you forgot to leave on a light, even if you have no treats, the male dog is standing on the chair by the window, peering into the darkness out front, through the branches of the Japanese maple.

And on a day when most everybody had been mad, and little had been accomplished, the 15-year-old female with bad vision is standing exactly one inch beyond where the front door will swing open.

They don't know who is winning or losing out there.

They know they're glad you're home.

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Re: Awesome essay- Oh, for the carefree life of dogs

That is sweet. When I pick Jersey at day care she is always so happy to see me. When we get in the car and she licks my face and then lays down on the seat next to me it always makes me feel so much better, no matter how crappy my day has been.
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