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Hey all, my name is Will and I'm new to Beagle World.

I want to start by saying I'm also about to become new to living with a beagle. I've always been a dog person, and loved every beagle I've ever met. Sadly my best friend of 11 years, Nakita (American Pitbull Terrier) passed away last month. It took a while, but I decided I need to bring another puppy into my life, you all can relate to how it just isn't the same without a four legged family member at home.

After many, many hours of research and consideration, I decided to look into beagles. Let me take this opportunity to say that I read the post about Uno winning the competition and how that's going to increase beagle interest. Honestly, I'm not one of those. Before that post I had never heard of Uno or followed any type of dog show/competition. The role my beagle will play is companion. I'm getting him to be my pup, to go places and do things with me, to make me laugh and to make me cry when he misbehaves (I have experience with intelligent, stubborn dogs). I have no interest in showing him, or in hunting with him. I have no idea what Uno looks or acts like and don't need or want my beagle to be perfect. I just want him to live a simple, happy dog life. Be my friend and companion that I can love. I just want him as my sidekick, if that makes sense.

I've done about as much research about beagles and what it's like to live with and raise one as I've ever done about anything. Now that I've made a deposit with a breeder, and am planning to bring the little feller home in a few weeks, I think chatting with experienced beagle people will benefit me.

What do I need to know that standard breed info on the web isn't telling me? That's basically all I'm trying to find here, and would be very interested in sticking around to chat about how great he is, and hear how great all the other beagles are. Any info, tips, ideas or experiences you want to share would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone
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