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If he consistently goes within 10 minutes of getting back from your walk, just watch him like a hawk during that time. The second he starts to crouch, pick him up and run into the yard, saying Outside! Outside! Outside! the whole time. If he goes, praise him like mad. If not, take him back inside and keep the routine up. He won't be able to hold it forever.

Another method: This takes commitment, but it usually works with housebreaking problems. Tether him to you at all times inside the house. Slip knot his leash through your belt loop, or use a caribineer key hook if you have one. He will not be able to roam more than the length of his leash from you. Eventually, he will not be able to hold it anymore, so like above, when he begins to crouch, pick him up and quickly carry him to the yard, with the Outside command. You want to raise your voice a bit, but not yell at him, just a matter of fact voice, like when you give him the sit command.
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